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Slowtourism and ecotourism

A way of traveling that you can experience at the Guesthouse Les Bruhasses

We are proud to have obtained in 2017 the label Hébergers, the label of the authentic and responsible accommodations of the Gers. We are classified 4 Épis by Gîtes de France. Helene, the owner of the Bed and Breakfast and daughter of a well known winemaker of the region, will help you discover, through her inventive cuisine and knowledge of the Gers heritage, the authentic and friendly Gers.

Slow Tourism is a new travel concept inspired by Slow Food, a movement that encourages people to relearn how to eat well, rediscover the pleasures of locally grown  healthy food and  forget about junk food and fast food. Slow tourism is  taking the time to discover a destination, to appreciate the landscapes, by favoring in particular nearby destinations and less polluting means of transport.

Slow Tourism is becoming more and more trendy. Their philosophy is simple: you decided to take time, to rest, not to spend your holiday in the stress of transport and  stop racing to museums on the pretext that nothing should be missed. . Practicing Slow Tourism means enjoying the holidays, without having a strict program established in advance and schedules to respect at all costs.

This type of tourism, more authentic, allows you to live closer to the local population and learn more about your destination through their eyes. You discover at your own pace grandiose landscapes , live closer to nature.

The Guest House Les Bruhasses is a privileged place for this type of tourism. You will be able to enjoy our garden of 3 hectares with trees and flowers. The terrace is a perfect place for reading or for a nap. The green path is 200 meters away and is ideal for cycling or walking. Hélène will give you detailled advice and maps to visit the typical villages of the Gers. You can take the time to visit these villages, to have a picnic or quietly enjoy the calm of these places by lounging on a terrace for lunch or just to have a drink.

The Gers and its architectural heritage will allow you to discover its gallo-roman or medieval past. The beautiful landscapes change dependng on the season and earned the Gers to be nicknamed the French Tuscany. After all these discoveries, it will be time for a little rest. Hélène & Jean will offer you the aperitif on the terrace during the summer or in the living room during the winter. Perhaps you will have the chance to eat at Hélène’s Table d’hôtes. Hélène cooks with local products such as Castéra-Verduzan’s black pig, farmed-raised duck breasts, chicken and foie gras from the Gers. The vegetables are from her garden or that of her mother. The fruits are from her orchard or from local producers. We encourage short circuits which is one of the principles of the Slow Tourism concept.

If you want to rest, leave behind your everyday-life’s stress, take the time to visit without hurry, share with the local people at open-air markets, take part at village festivals or rediscover the pleasure of sharing a meal at a table, the Guest House Les Bruhasses is the perfect place for Slow Tourism. We encourage quality and not quantity !

Looking forward to welcoming you !

Hélène & Jean



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