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Slowtourism and ecotourism

Slowtourism is a new form of travel that appeared in the early 2000s. This movement encourages you to slow down your pace of life and savor quality moments …

Discovering enchanting landscapes while taking your time, fully absorbing the nature that surrounds us, favoring meetings and savoring the pleasures of the table, are the main principles of Slow tourism. These principles have gained popularity with tourists in recent years and the trips offered in connection with this type of tourism, are clearly increasing. Proof is that taking your time on vacation has never been so topical. The Gers is a privileged place for Slow Tourism. Here no mass tourism but many small villages in which one can either have a picnic while admiring the Gers countryside often compared to Tuscany or have a coffee or the aperitif in cafes or Bar often very picturesque. Market Village festival Castles and local heritage Our Charming guest house is located in a 3 hectare wooded and flowered park. You can enjoy the calm of this environment and 300 meters you can go on foot or by bike on the old railway track which has become a green track. You can enjoy quality local products and vegetables from our vegetable garden at our Table d’hôtes.

Make friends. Taking your time is therefore stopping in places that you are not used to visiting. You will go to meet the local populations in order to understand and immerse yourself in the heart of their way of life. It’s a great way to chat with them, share each other’s experiences and get a real perspective on their habitat.

As today’s world becomes more and more “fast”, slow tourism is there to remind us how pleasant it is to take your time. By philosophy or simply by the need to disconnect, more and more people are opting for this more respectful mode of tourism, just as accessible and with an unprecedented human dimension. Many advantages which attract more and more travelers every year.

Slow tourism is more and more trendy. There are many people who are becoming fans of slow tourism today. Their philosophy is very simple: they have decided to take time, rest, stop spending their holidays in the stress of transport and stop racing to museums on the pretext that nothing should be missed. . To practice slow tourism is to fully enjoy the holidays, without having a strict program established in advance and timetables to be respected at all costs.

This type of tourism, more authentic, makes it possible to live closer to the local population and to learn more about them. The goal is to soak up as much as possible of the place you are visiting, by avoiding the crowds, and by choosing less popular circuits.

Choosing to travel by bike, train, caravan, horse, boat, moped, allows us to rediscover the world around us and not let it pass at full speed before our eyes without appreciating its richness.


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